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1980's, 35 minutes ago, adaptions, alexander skarsgard, andreas johnson, art, as if, ashes to ashes, australian comedians, bags, belfast, books, brideshead revisited, charlotte gainsbourg, chris corner=synth god, coldplay, comedy, composers, concerts, cruel intentions, danny wallace, david tennant, dawn french, delorentos, doctor who, drawing, duran duran, dvds, eclectic music, electro, elephants, english, eric northman, european ethnic instruments, films, france, french films, friends, gael garcía bernal, garbage, gigs, hands, hans zimmer = god, harry potter, henry cavill, hex, hot fuzz, hustle, huw edwards, iamx, icons, internet, james mcavoy, jemima rooper, julian barratt's voice, keeley hawes, kings of leon, ladyhawke, lykke li, martha jones, martin phipps, matthew goode, muse, music, nu-wave, oxbridge, paris is burning, paul bettany, period dramas, photography, photoshop, richard armitage, richard curtis, rob pattinson's voice, rupert penry-jones, science fiction, shakespeare, sketching, skins, sonnet 116(cxvi), spooks, star wars, stephen campbell moore, stephen fry, stone roses, the cure, the doctor, the history boys, the mighty boosh, the motorcycle diaries, the o.c, the smiths, the tudors, tim minchin, toby stephens, torchwood, true blood, viking vampire, watchmen, white lies

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